The Kitchen, Job No. One


In every home, be it a condo or a five thousand square foot house, has a kitchen. That kitchen is the most important room in our living quarters. Sure, the bathroom is useful and we can work on that next, and of course the other rooms get their share of wear and tear.

The bedrooms get plenty of use and the living areas are always used either for watching TV or for entertaining or just relaxing. The dining room too, is not only great at meal times, but many homes use the dining table as an office desk.

But the kitchen. Ah, the kitchen is so often neglected.

Why is that? Well, usually we consider the kitchen not so much as room as we do the other spaces in the home, but rather as a utility. In most homes it’s not really a place to hang out, not unless it’s a big kitchen, and when we think of redecorating most of us don’t think of the kitchen first.

In the past, wealthier homes not only had the kitchen located in the basement, but there was absolutely no attempt to make it attractive. Even in palaces like Hampton Court Palace with its many fireplaces large enough for an entire side of beef, was very plain.

Even the famed Hearst Castle in California, for all its expensive furnishings has a very plain kitchen. Big enough to operate a large restaurant, true, but still very plain. Strictly utilitarian.

For our own utility and pleasure, the more efficient our kitchen is, the better for everyone.

Of course a real renovation doesn’t come cheaply, but if we decided to sell, all that spent money will come back with extra we never expected.

when we look at a property with an eye to purchase, the kitchen and bath are two very important places that women in particular look at and often they judge the entire home by the appearance of the kitchen.

New cabinets, if the kitchen is several years old, can make an unbelievable difference. good plumbing done by professionals likeĀ plumber Escondido can make a huge difference Marble or granite are today’s choices for counter tops and without them, our home just dropped by several points.

Too many kitchens have shallow sinks. They get by and many have never experienced the difference a modern sink nine inches can make. That combined with a spray attachment on the faucet makes for an efficient sink that rivals many a restaurant and it’s right in our own home!

New refrigerators and ranges today are more efficient that those of even a few years ago, and more beautiful as well.

Often we forget dramatic lighting in the kitchen. Where possible a real chandelier with plenty of light can turn a drab kitchen into something fit for the cover of a home and garden magazine.

We can’t always invest a lot of money even knowing the difference these renovations could make, but there are other things we can do that can dramatically change our kitchen.

Paint. Today we have latex paints that go on quickly with little or no drip and dry quickly as well. Unless the kitchen walls and cabinets are terribly greasy or damaged, little preparation would be required.

Another inexpensive change can be knobs on all the cabinets. A thorough cleaning of the range, the range hood and the refrigerator and often at home improvement stores, we can find wood flooring or tile that has been discontinued for a very reasonable price. If someone is handy, the floor can be redone and that too will really brighten the kitchen.

Another expense that can be easy on a tight budget would be thrift stores. Often we can find just the light fixture and other items that might just do a perfect job in brightening up our kitchen.

Tomorrow, let’s start by really looking at the kitchen, at each aspect of it and perhaps jot down things we notice and soon with a little effort, we can have a sparkling kitchen we’ll be proud to allow guests to see. Contact me here